You know what your business needs — I know how to get it done!
Current and Former Clients:

North’s Restaurants Inc.
Crater Lake Motors
Airport Chevrolet
Southern Oregon Subaru
Rogue Federal Credit Union
Rogue Valley Mall
Valley Promotions
Arrow Racing
Aletheia Institute
Bheka Yoga Supplies
Smart's Publishing
Siskiyou RV
Casa Bellissimo Lighting & Fans
Dr. Scott C. Young
Vision Medi-Spa
Bead Studio
Canyon Creek Bicycles
Cleaning Solutions
Downstream Marketing
Wood Guardian
Von Strahl Mobile Messaging
JT Neal Agency
Carnes Co.
Occasional Blessings
Katrina's Cards
D. A. Boldt Construction
Wolfhound Cycles
Lilly's Pad Children's Clothing
Blue Bunny Bakery
Northpoint Church
Maentz Agency
Destiny House Ministries
Standing Stone Brewing
Dr. Steve Lovich
Dr. Cameron McCoin
Atrium Day Spa
Speaking from the Heart
Friends of Jackson County
Dr. Matt Sheehan
Employee Benefit Specialists, Inc
Mooney & Co., Inc.
Estate Planning Group
Jim Smith Attorney at Law
Ashland Garden Club
Evergreen Realty


Do You Need an Advertising Agency?
Maybe Not.
I've been helping business owners with their advertising and promotion since 1993. Small and medium size businesses often know exactly when, where and how to promote their products and services. They don't want the expense and hassle of working with an advertising agency.

Should You Design Your Own Ads?
Perhaps You Should.
Business owners are visionaries. They can see where their product or service will fit into the market. They know what the store should look like and they often know what they want their marketing materials to looks like.

Should I Create My Own Marketing Materials?
Probably Not.
A smart business owner knows when to bring in a professional. Sure you can use Quickbooks, but do you want to do your tax returns or hire a pro? It doesn't take a lot of money to get a design program these days. It just takes a lot to get a good one. A good one doesn't take a genius to figure out, it just takes someone with a lot of time. It also takes a little something else. A sense of good design and the experience to know how to get things done. 

Can You Take My Design Ideas and Make Them Work?
I Thought You'd Never Ask.
Over and over clients have come to me with ideas and I make those ideas look better than they could have imagined. Sometimes they bring a whole layout with copy and pictures. Sometimes it's the basic sketch on a napkin. Or it might just be a vague idea and I take it from there. 

Why Not Hire an Ad Agency Then?
If you've got the money then you should have an agency. If you don't then you should hire me. Why pay them when you know what you want to do? It's really as simple as that.

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