An example of a client who provided a detailed design idea (right). She had the
concept, but couldn’t quite get the look she wanted. It took only about four to
five hours to turn it into the logo above.



This client realized their previous logo (right) didn’t express what
their store was all about. Namely, that they sell high-end lighting and fans.



The basic back of the napkin sketch. He had the essential idea in using
the two "C"s as if they were bike tires, I was able to take it from there.


This business owner only knew that she liked this font
and wanted an image of a Cala Lilly because it was
symbolic of the product she was making and selling.


This bike manufacturer knew exactly what he wanted and
produced an old black & white photo of a wolfhound.
He even drew the background idea. My job was to create
a drawing of the dog in Illustrator so he would have an
electronic file to use in all his promotion.


This logo is for a company that makes a product to be
sold only to corporate jet pilots. He had no idea what
the logo should look like. He liked this immediately
because he recognized the symbolic look of an airport
from the air.


These are logos for various newsletters which had been
in publication for many years and needed an updated look.


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